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New Mail from Bali

It's 10am here in Santa Monica, California. The sun is peeking through the clouds from a night's wet rain storm. I have some coffee house jazz playing... it's a slow and crisp morning. I am checking my email and I received an update from one of the children we sponsor for school scholarship in Bali (Saba's Kids/ Bali Children Foundation)! Always exciting news!

Puspita completed her first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, and now she will advance into the second semester of her senior year of high school! She is 17 years young and she will be gradating this summer. You go girl! The world is yours!

The Update from Saba's Kids

Dear Danielle and Lori (Danielle's mother),

Thank you for your continued support of Puspita. 

While Semester 2 of the 2020-2021 school year has started, in-classroom learning is not expected this school year.

Currently Bali is in the midst of a third wave of COVID infections. The heavy monsoon rains are pushing people inside, sheltering close together and spreading infection. We expect to see high rainfall levels and cyclones until late March. Infection rates are not likely to drop until we get better weather and an increase in the vaccination roll out. With this in mind we'd like to give you a broad outline of our plans for the next few months, given the ever changing conditions Bali and the world continues to face.


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Elevated Emotions

I started Knott Brand out of pure joy to share and bridge the connection of consuming consciously. It feels so satisfying to give and receive with a loving intention backing the action. 

By now, I can imagine that you have a greater visual and you can make the connection with the current of energy that your money goes towards when purchasing a string holder. Isn't it just simply lovely? (Like Puspita's flowers ;))

Stand for something or fall for anything

Besides our education work, the much-needed food relief campaign continues. BCF's Funds-Food-Family Campaign delivered over 1,650,000 meals to communities around Bali last year. Of course, we acknowledge that this work was possible ONLY because we have such wonderful supporters!  Whilst many of our children's sponsors have generously supported their child’s family, we would also encourage you to share this campaign. $25 provides meal staples for a family of four for a month.

Can you share this link with your friends and family?

(TOP TIP: Use the DONATE button to donate and the REGISTER button is to create your own fundraising campaign for Bali - we find most people are eager to simply DONATE, so if that’s your intention, just use the DONATE button)

This aid is so important, not just providing meals but also HOPE for remote families. I've included a few photos to show you our Food relief work.

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Our Unity is Our Strength

We want to thank you for sponsoring Puspita. What you’re doing is invaluable. With your help, Puspita will get the chance for improved career opportunities, which we know results in elevating the lives of other family members. We’ve seen this happen so many times - whole villages benefit from the advancement of a few students. Thank you for being a part of this!



Clear Intentions 

I felt the need to share this beautiful update with you (Knott Brand's loving & supportive customers), in hope that you continue to nourish the connection between ONE and ALL.

In whichever form that manifests for you (purchasing a string holder for your friend or auntie to give as a gift, or donating directly to the program or sharing this wisdom...) let your intention advocate and authenticate COMPASSION FOR EVERYONE).




Thank you to all supporters of Knott Brand. Know that you are making a difference. You are heard, seen and loved for being you! AHO!


Danielle Fisser

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