Festival Season 2022 - what's in my backpack?ūüéí


We are approaching summer of 2022...

You know what that means? In person gatherings (thank goodness, after 2 years of isolation), dancing, smiles, heart to hearts, hugs and conversations for a bright future!! We don't need to be at a festival to experience this bliss, although, who doesn't love festivals??

I am inspired to share with you "WHAT'S IN MY BACKPACK?" as we approach the season, camping trips, the summer, beach days, longer days under the sun, community and inspired & healthy living!!

So here it goes...



Water is our life source. Take plenty of it and take more!! Most of the time we are just thirsty, our body is crying out for water that will actually hydrate us on a cellular level, by that I mean to say that not all water is penetrating into our organs and cells in a way that is actually hydrating us! Plastic-laden water combined with spirits (booze), drugs and heat is a recipe for UNconsciousness!!

You better believe I am bringing my 5 gallon jug to Lighting in a Bottle (music festival in California) next weekend, along with all the jugs I have to fill up. JUGS ON JUGS. This is literally my life source weather I am at a festival, camping, on a road trip, life is complete with my "fountain of youth" dispenser with me (or along for the ride).

For more on HIGH VIBE WATER that will cure your hangovers in an hour and bring your body back to homeostasis, hydrated and feeling energized and FRESH, speak to Danielle about Kangen Water (I wouldn't recommend this machine enough!)) It's not just water, it's a way of life. 

If I told you that I don't drink ever or take any drugs and I am vibrating higher than high for the whole weekend... would you believe me? It's true. I am blessed with the elixir of life and this combined with awareness and intention is the dance of shivaa. Drink your water KIDS.



If you know me, you know that my identifier is palo santo (at least for those whom we've met on the dance floor). Your dancing, feeling the vibrations, immersed in the love bubble, and you get a whiff of palo santo... how good is that moment? Our friends at Sacred Wood Essence source their wood SUSTAINABLY.

Let's talk about sustainable shopping (if you haven't figured that sustainability is our CORE VALUE here at KNOTT BRAND). Long story short, palo santo is the name of a big beautiful tree. When her branches fall and break off, those pieces of her are left to age with time over the years on the forest floor. These already fallen branches and tree remnants are picked up by our friends, harvested and intentionally distributed. The palo santo is already dead and consciously collected for distribution/ and as medicine for the people. The non-sustainable approach to palo santo buying, would be to chop down the trees that are still alive and then distribute it for money. You see the difference?

Be mindful of your consumption. The energy that touches the products we consume MATTERS. Besides, you can tell when you're burning palo santo that is sustainably harvested. When you burn palo santo, I've noticed that the resin (the oils of the tree which collected over time) bubbles at the flame, and the smell is potent, rich and sweet. I know quality, high vibe products when I see one (or better SENSE one, smell one, taste one, touch one... it's all about the senses. turn them on.)

I am thrilled to offer you a baddass promo code when you shop for palo santo and all their amazing products online.

Use the code "knottbrand" (remember that's with two T's) for 15% off!!



My favorite is my Versa Wrap by One Golden Thread. It's so soft and thin and pretty much the closest thing to my skin (or being naked for that matter). With all the dust being stomped around, it's nice to have a layer of protection from entering your lungs. A little dirt doesn't hurt! My friends here are crushing it (better words, BUILDING IT) in their fabrics. For every item purchased, they are planting a tree. You see the theme here? GIVING BACK TO MOTHER EARTH. If you know how versatile a sarong is then you won't doubt the cleverness within the little things.

Our motto here at Knott Brand... authenticity is bravery. sustainability is sexy. A simple accessory makes the biggest difference, one that you know cannot be found anywhere else (that shit that's one of kind). When you implement little practices into your lifestyle, you know the fulfilled feeling of oneness and connection within all things. It’s a feeling, a full body yes, a heart beating, a breath of excitement, a world of compassion, love and sunshine!! 

USE MY SPECIAL PROMO CODE "dani11" HERE FOR 11% OFF your checkout :)



What we put in our body is just as important as what we put on. I am an advocate for all things healthy, living and super!! My favorite superfoods to bring is Living Prana Superfood Pancake Mix!! A recent encounter with the brains and hearts of the men behind this brand... and I fell in love!! Not only is the idea genius (I mean who doesn't love pancakes or waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner!??), but they really "hit the nail on the head" with the ingredients.

Personally... I find myself in a full body "fuck yes" to whipping up these cakes when I am hungry and to share them with my people. I feel so clean and energized after! And the mix is so yummy and neutral that you can have it any way you'd like... sweet, savory, plain, dressed up and down and all around. I say that these are the cakes that keep on giving... and they really do. Nothing better than sharing that SWEET PRANA LOVE. 

USE code "dani22" for 22% OFF your prana cake shopping. (PS - you won't find that discount anywhere else soo use it up babyyy)



Basic, yet it makes all the difference. I love having a full sensory experience ALL THE TIME, and sharing that experience with others. So with that said, I always have some essential oil blend with me (my favorite is the DoTerra Breathe, or Eucalyptus, or Lavender). Another hack, are the VIX inhaler sticks. Those are a slice of heaven. Nothing beats taking a long deep breath of herbal magic... you feel the passageways opening, expanding and uniting. Ahhhh breathe it in. 

Ear plugs are a must!! If you're like me, who likes to get all up on that speaker, treat your ears with kindness and pop in those plugs. Our ears are more sensitive than we think. A simple fix can have a profound impact.

Chap stick... you know the drill. It's a backpack staple. I love Vaseline travel size. It's thick and stays on long. What's your favorite chap stick/ lip balm?



Welll... that's all I got for you, for now¬†ūüėČ

Have fun and tell your people that you LOVE THEM & HUG THEM!!! Life is short. We are all emerging into something greater, the metamorphosis is HERE!! LOVE YOU TRIBE. See you on the dancefloor (front right).



Danielle Fisser


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