Who We Are

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Overtime, the industrial age has progressed from nature being our home to nature being a resource of industry. It is crucial to develop a product which connects us back to the Source, our Mother Earth, and the part we play as an individual of Her, to give back to what she gives us every day the sun rises. 

Together, we have the power to change social, cultural, environmental, economic and political practices worldwide. Engaging and informing each other on environmental issues will allow us to easily identify the core values of self-awareness and sustainability we bring to our abundant playground. 

Knott is a vessel into which allows our family of conscious consumers to reduce, reuse, and feel sexy doing it! Everyday we are growing to become more self-aware and conscious of our actions as they blossom right before our eyes. You become what you consume. Trust your spirit, elevate, and unite. 

5% of Knott Brand profits are donated to disadvantaged Balinese children to help them stay in school and have a brighter future! See more information here: http://sabaskids.com/.

Each of us has the power to choose―Close the loop, tie your Knott. 

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